Today in African History

Today in African History: February 7

Greetings and shalom, everyone! On this day of the Gregorian calendar, February 7, we remember the following events in global African history:

Year Territory Event
1783 USA American Revolutionary War: French and Spanish forces lifted the Great Siege of Gibraltar.
1795 USA The 11th Amendment to US Constitution was ratified.
1861 USA American Civil War: The general council of the Choctaw Indian nation adopted a resolution declaring allegiance with the South “in the event a permanent dissolution of the American Union takes place.”
1862 USA American Civil War: Union fleet attacked Roanoke Island, NC.
1864 USA American Civil War: Union troops occupied Jacksonville, Florida.
1865 USA American Civil War: John Henry Winder (b.1800), US Confederate brigadier-general and provost marshal, died. He was in charge of all Union prisoners east of the Mississippi River.
1900 South Africa Second Boer War: British troops fail in their third attempt to lift the Siege of Ladysmith.
1905 USA US Congress granted statehood to Oklahoma.
1905 Dominican Republic The Dominican Republic signed a treaty turning over customs collection to US.
1926 USA Negro History Week, originated by Carter G. Woodson, was observed for the first time. The 2nd week in February was declared Negro History Week.
1959 Cuba Castro proclaimed a new Cuban constitution.
1962 USA; Cuba The United States implemented a blockade of Cuba, banning all Cuban imports and exports.
1965 USA Cassius Clay became a Muslim and adopted the name Muhammad Ali.
1974 Grenada Grenada gained independence from the United Kingdom.
1978 Ethiopia; Somalia Ogaden War: Ethiopia mounted a counter attack against Somalia.
1986 Haiti President Jean-Claude Duvalier fled Haiti, ending twenty-eight years of one-family rule in the Caribbean nation.
1986 USA Debi Thomas becomes the first African American woman to win the US female Figure Skating championship.
1988 Haiti Leslie Manigat was sworn in as Haiti’s president. However, he lost power the following June.
1991 Haiti Haiti’s first democratically elected president, Jean-Bertrand Aristide, was sworn in.
1992 USA Former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson testified at his rape trial in Indianapolis that his accuser, a Miss Black America contestant, had consented to having sex with him.
1993 USA Commerce Secretary Ron Brown acknowledged on NBC’s “Meet the Press” that he’d failed to pay Social Security taxes for a domestic worker.
1999 Zimbabwe President Mugabe suggested that the supreme court resign. He defended the actions of the army which had arrested and tortured 2 journalists.
2000 USA Winning the Pebble Beach National Pro-Am, Tiger Woods gained his sixth straight PGA Tour victory, becoming the first player since Ben Hogan in 1948 to win six in a row.
2001 Haiti President Aristide took power in Haiti for a 2nd term and offered a series of national reforms with plans for new schools, roads, electricity systems and an independent court in each of the country’s 565 townships.
2004 Haiti Police reinforcements fought bloody battles with gunmen as they tried to retake Gonaives from rebels who seized it. At least 7 police and 2 militants were killed.
2006 USA Alabama state officials reported four more rural Baptist churches following rash of suspected arsons that burned five others south of Birmingham the previous week.
2006 Haiti Haitians jammed polling stations as UN peacekeepers fanned out to guard the country’s first presidential election in nearly six years.
2007 South Africa China’s President Hu Jintao promised to increase imports from Africa, responding to fears about the trade deficit that increased as China pumped unprecedented aid, investment and loans into the poor but resource-rich continent.
2007 Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe, under mounting pressure over a world record-busting inflation rate and escalating strike action in the public sector, sacked his finance minister. A union chief said 60 Zimbabwean junior doctors have been sacked from Harare’s main hospital after going on strike in December demanding salary hikes.
2008 Kenya; USA The US said it was barring 10 leading Kenyan politicians from entering the US, the first time Washington has blamed them for the post-election violence that has brought the African country to the brink of collapse.
2008 Belize Belize‘s opposition United Democratic Party won a landslide victory in general elections, ending PM Said Musa’s 10 years in office. UDP leader Dean Barrow was to be sworn in as the country’s first black prime minister the next day.
2008 Chad Chadian President Idriss Deby Itno issued a “solemn call” for a European peacekeeping force for Darfur refugees, to deploy as soon as possible. The president also said he was “ready to pardon” six French aid workers convicted in December of trying to kidnap more than 100 children they said were orphans from Darfur.
2008 Tanzania Tanzania’s PM Edward Lowassa and two Cabinet ministers resigned over a corruption scandal involving a contract with a nonexistent firm supposedly based in the US. Pres. Jakaya Kikwete dissolved the entire Cabinet as a result.
2011 Haiti President Rene Preval’s chief of staff said Preval will stay in office for three more months as his country chooses a successor in a delayed election. An emergency law passed by members of Preval’s former party in an expiring Senate allowed him to remain in office for up to three more months because his 2006 inauguration was delayed.
2011 Haiti The Haitian government issued a new passport to former president Jean-Bertrand Aristide, enabling him to end his exile in South Africa and return to Haiti.
2011 Sudan Sudan‘s President Omar al-Bashir accepted a southern vote for independence in a referendum that is set to create Africa’s newest state and open up a fresh period of uncertainty in the increasingly volatile region. The final results of the historic independence referendum showed that 98.83 percent had voted for secession.
2011 Zimbabwe Zimbabweans chanting slogans from President Robert Mugabe’s party trashed stalls owned by hawkers from elsewhere in Africa at a flea market in the capital, looting mobile phones, electrical goods and clothing.
2012 Jamaica In Jamaica roughly 2,000 firearms were melted down in a blazing furnace as part of an effort designed to combat gun trafficking and corruption while reducing violent crime.
2013 Mali French troops began to withdraw from Timbuktu after securing the fabled city as they ramped up their mission in Gao, searching for Islamic extremists who may be mixing among the local population.
2013 USA The U.S. state of Mississippi officially certified the Thirteenth Amendment, becoming the last state to approve the abolition of slavery. The Thirteenth Amendment was formally ratified by Mississippi in 1995.
2014 USA President Obama signed into law an agriculture spending bill that will spread benefits to farmers while trimming the food stamp program.
2014 Central African Republic Thousands of Muslims fled for their lives from Bangui, with Christian crowds cheering as truckloads of Muslim families made their way out of town.
2015 Haiti At least 6,000 protesters marched through the capital to demand lower gas prices and the ouster of President Michel Martelly.
2015 Kenya Kenyan lawmaker George Muchai was killed in Nairobi, alongside his two bodyguards and a driver, after they stopped to buy a newspaper.
2016 Jamaica Gunfire left 3 people dead as Andrew Holness, leader of the oppositon Jamaica Labour Party, spoke to supporters in Montego Bay.
2017 Haiti Jovenel Moise (48) was sworn as Haiti’s 58th president, ending a protracted electoral crisis that had created a vacuum of power in the impoverished, disaster-prone Caribbean nation.
2017 Malawi US superstar Madonna adopted twin girls in Malawi, raising to four the total number of children she has adopted from the southern African nation.
2017 Ivory Coast Ivory Coast special forces troops fired in the air in towns in the north and south of the country, weeks after soldiers and security forces mutinied over pay in the west African nation.
2017 Tanzania Tanzania’s deputy minister of health said he has ordered the arrest of three men accused of promoting homosexuality.



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