News: South Africa President Makes History Gives Back White Owned Land – Oct 14 2018 – 2nacheki

Shalom, everyone! The following is a video clip of the October 14, 2018 ceremony at the University of Zululand, during which South African President Cyril Ramaphosa made history by officially handing back the first parcel of land expropriated from white owners which had been previously stolen from the community of KwaMkhwanazi. President Ramaphosa, leader of African National Congress (ANC) political party, also announced that his government will accelerate the land expropriation process in order to restore to black South Africans the land stolen from during the colonization and apartheid eras:

President Cyril Ramaphosa says the government is commencing a “massive” programme to redistribute land.

The president on Sunday facilitated the handover of 4‚586ha of land to the community of KwaMkhwanazi near Empangeni — the culmination of a successful land claim.

“We are commencing a rolling mass land distribution programme in our country. We will be returning land in a massive way. This Mkhwanazi land is the first‚” he said.

“Today we are making history‚ celebrating the return of the land to our people in this area‚” Ramaphosa added.

South Africa President Makes History Gives Back White Owned Land

Video from 2nacheki/YouTube


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