WATCH: Divide & Conquer (FULL VERSION) #Africa101 – The Dr. Mumbi Show

Shalom, everyone! The following is a video lecture from “The Dr. Mumbi Show,” in which Dr. Mumbi Seraki discusses how the European colonial powers used the system of “Divide and Conquer” to colonize the African continent. The table below summarizes the three levels of Divide and Conquer. Dr. Mumbi discusses each level and its corresponding attributes in detail. The colonizer took everything from us that was good for us, and replaced this with everything that was bad for us:

The Three Levels of Divide and Conquer

Levels Divide Conquer
Individual Mind New Name
Name New Language
Language New Desire
Family Child Education
Husband Work
Wife New Roles
Community Spirituality New god
Social Customs New Culture
Governance Democracy

Here the full version of the teaching on how the “Divide & Conquer” theory was executed in Africa! We’ve all heard the catch phrase: “Divide & Conquer”. But how was it used to destroy Africa? The truth is, it was a three-pronged attach on the culture and psyche of the African nation, that still continues to divide us today. If we are to neutralize any weapon that has been fashioned against us, we must first understand how that weapon works.

Divide & Conquer (FULL VERSION) #Africa101 – The Dr. Mumbi Show

Video from Dr. Mumbi Show/YouTube


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