False Messiahs

WATCH: The SON of GOD is the SUN of GOD! – Sun of Saturn

Shalom, everyone! The following is a revised and remastered part one of the 2007 documentary Zeitgeist showing how Christianity was derived from sun-worship in ancient Egypt. This adaptation of Zeitgeist part one was published by YouTube channel “Sun of Saturn.” Many ancient cultures began worshipping the celestial objects (sun, moon, stars etc.) as they observed their movements in the heavens, and the effects of these celestial objects on their daily lives. As agrarian societies, the ancients knew that the sun was essential to their livelihood and wellbeing. Without sunlight, there would be no crops, no commerce, no warmth, and no security. Many cultures began anthropomorphizing the celestial objects, that is, assigning these celestial objects either human or animal characteristics. They then began developing myths with these celestial objects to teach principles. In ancient Egypt, the sun was worshipped as the deity Horus as assigned many familiar attributes as such:

  • The Light of the World
  • The Bright and Morning Star
  • The Savior of Humankind
  • Lamb of God
  • Born on December 25
  • Followed by a Star in the East
  • Adored by “Three Kings”
  • A teacher at age 12
  • Baptized at age 30
  • Had 12 disciples (constellations)
  • Performed many miracles, including walking on water
  • Crucified
  • Dead for three days
  • Resurrected
  • Riding on the clouds

Horus (3000 BCE) was only one of many “solar messiahs” in the ancient world including other deities such as Tammuz (2600 BCE), Mithra (1200 BCE), Krishna (900 BCE), Attis of Phrygia (1200 BCE), and Dionysius (500 BCE). All of these “solar messiahs” preceded the myth of Jesus (Yeshua) by thousands or hundreds of years. The Christian deity Jesus (Yeshua) was just another of these solar messiahs anthropomorphized and but historicized by the Romans as a demi-god born in the Judean town of Bethlehem. The truth is that the Jesus (Yeshua) in the so-called New Testament never existed. He was not the “son of God,” but rather just another ancient myth about the “sun of God.” Christianity is therefore just one more form of “astrotheology.”

While this presentation may cause many to question their faith, please remember that there is a Divine Creator who created all the celestial objects, the universe, everything in it and all life itself. The creation did not create itself. Many cultures assign different names to this Divine Creator; for the Hebrews, the name given for the Divine Creator is YHVH, or YAH in poetic form. It is this Divine Creator that we must tap into. He is the only Truth. And He encoded His instructions of how we are to live in the Torah. Be encouraged, seek truth and know the Divine Creator:

“The SON of God is the SUN of GOD!
This is a revised and remastered version of the first half of zeitgeist.

All materials here in belong to there rightful owners, and any use can be considered for educational purposes, as allowed under the copy-right act.”

The SON of GOD is the SUN of GOD!

Video from Sun of Saturn/YouTube


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