False Messiahs


Shalom, everyone! The following is a two-part presentation by YouTube channel Sun of Saturn revealing the secrets of the Book of Revelation, the final book in the canon of the so-called New Testament. The Book of Revelation has driven fear in the hearts of Christian believers for almost 2,000 years. This book, alleged to be a prophecy of the end of days, has been debated and misinterpreted. The saga of Revelation is a work of astronomy and astronomy lore. The writer was observing the movements of celestial objects including the sun, moon, stars and their constellations. The Book of Revelation was about these astronomical events and their effects on the Earth in every season, not about the second coming of Jesus (Yeshua). Like the four gospels, the Book of Revelation was a work of astrotheology.

While this presentation may cause many to question their faith, please remember that there is a Divine Creator who created all the celestial objects, the universe, everything in it and all life itself. The creation did not create itself. Many cultures assign different names to this Divine Creator; for the Hebrews, the name given for the Divine Creator is YHVH, or YAH in poetic form. It is this Divine Creator that we must tap into. He is the only Truth. And He encoded His instructions of how we are to live in the Torah. Be encouraged, seek truth and know the Divine Creator:

The seven stars, the woman with a crown of twelve stars who gave birth to the man-child, the dragon who terrozies the woman, the celestial throne, sea of glass, the seven spirits of God, and the 24 elders and their golden crowns, the four six-winged beasts with wings (lion (Leo), bull (Taurus), eagle (Scorpio), man(Aquarius)), and their relation to the four seasons Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter more…


Video from Sun of Saturn/YouTube

The seven seals, four horsemen of the Apocalypse and their relation to the Sun, the four seasons, hades, the beasts of earth (zodiac signs) and their local environment and daily life…


Video from Sun of Saturn/YouTube


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