WATCH: There Will Be No Rapture & Jesus Is Not Coming Back – Pastor Dr. Ray Hagins

Shalom, everyone! The following is a video lecture by renown teacher Pastor Dr. Ray Hagins, Chief Elder of the Afrikan Village and Cultural Center. While we do not agree with a number of Dr. Hagins’ views on other topics, he is right on this issue. Jesus (Yeshua) is now the number one stumbling block for the Ehvehs (Hebrews). He was the deity imposed upon us by our colonizers and slavemasters, why are we trusting in the deity of our enemies? Close examination of the text of the so-called “New Testament” should make one question his story altogether: There are a number of inconsistencies in the four gospels canonized in the so-called “New Testament.” He himself said he would return and set up his kingdom before his disciples died, but history has proven his statement to be false (Matthew 24:29-34, Mark 13:24-30 and Luke 21:25-32). If any part of prophecy fails to come to pass, that prophet who gave the prophecy must not be trusted anymore.

The Torah forbids the worship of any man yet millions of Ehvehs worship Yeshua as a deity and eagerly await his return, despite his nefarious origins and historical relationship with our community. To the EhvehsYAH makes it very clear who He is and how we are to please Him. Nowhere in the Torah has YAH approved of our assigning divinity to or pinning our salvation on any man. Only YAH is our Savior and Redeemer.

This post will be unpopular with most of our community, however, we must walk in truth, even if it hurts. There is no rapture and Yeshua is not coming back for us or for anyone. He died more than 1,988 years ago and remains deceased, just like any other mortal. It is time the Ehvehs remove this stumbling block from our midst and reject the idolatry and false doctrine of Yeshua imposed upon us by our historical enemies:

There Will Be No Rapture & Jesus Is Not Coming Back – Pastor Dr. Ray Hagins

Videos from Michael Imhotep/YouTube



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