WATCH: “White Minority of America” – The Truthseeker/RT America (2016)

Shalom, everyone! The following is a news report from RT America of how Europeans colonized the Americas, specifically North America; and the cruel and inhumane policies adopted by the United States government and white settlers to remove Native Americans from their ancestral lands and to significantly reduce their populations. When the European settlers arrived in North America, there were over 100 million Native Americans already living here. They had their own civilizations and enjoyed a much higher standard of living than Europeans in Europe. Over time, the white European settlers manage to wipe out 95% percent of the Native American population. This is nothing short of an American Holocaust.

In spite of this, however, the Native American population is on the rise again. Within 50 years, Native Americans will once again be the majority population on the land they once proudly and freely roamed. In light of these harrowing revelations, perhaps the Ehveh (Hebrew) community in the United States should reconsider the holiday of Thanksgiving. We now know that the story fed to us about the origins of the holiday was definitely not true.

E28 – White Minority of America

Video from The Truth Seeker/YouTube


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