WATCH: Memorandum 46: The Plan To Keep Black America Divided From Africa – Phillip Scott/The Advise Show

Shalom, everyone! The following is a video lecture by Phillip Scott host of The Advise Show on the covert operation to keep African-Americans and Africans apart. This covert plan’s name is the National Security Council’s Memorandum 46. Scott performs a detailed examination of Memorandum 46, which was allegedly enacted in the 1970’s under the Democratic administration of United States President Jimmy Carter.

Memorandum 46 has been decried as a forgery, however, the detail therein and the history of Africa and the hostile relationships between Continental and Diaspora Africans makes one question whether this disunity was planned. There is a real fear of the global African nation, of both the Continental and Diaspora Africans working together. It is the fear of being shut-out from the continent’s innumerable resources and the wealth they would generate. It comes as no surprise that this wicked covert initiative was implemented under the Democrats. Let this be a lesson to all Africans everywhere, whether on the Continent or in the Diaspora: We have no friends but each other.

Memorandum 46 file:


They claim this document is fake and a forgery. Let’s examine it and see if it sounds forged. Hosted by Phillip Scott

The Covert Plan To Keep African Americans & Africans Apart – Dr. Mumbi Seraki/The Advise Show

Video from TheAdviseShowTV/YouTube


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