WATCH: Colonizers Seek To Steal Africa’s Youth – The Dr. Mumbi Show/The Advise Show

Shalom, everyone! The following is a collaborative video between Dr. Mumbi Seraki and The Advise Show on the efforts of European nations to lure young African men to Europe to prop up their aging workforce and economy. Africa has the youngest and most fertile population in the world. The former colonial powers seek to exploit Africa‘s strength and vitality by luring its young able-bodied men to their countries to take low-paying but essential jobs to keep their economies afloat, while African economies flounder. Not only is there an agenda to physically lure young African men to Europe, there is also an agenda to encourage young Africans to adopt Western thinking and lifestyles, eschewing traditional African culture and the wisdom of our elders, the bedrock of African society. The global African nation must resist all attempts to separate us from our land, families, culture, and traditions.

Dr. Mumbi also discusses some positive news on the African continent, including the recent peace agreement signed between Ethiopia and Eritrea.

Dr. Mumbi Seraki joins us to reveal how the colonizer is at it again. We must stand up for our people globally. The colonizer won’t win this time.

Colonizers Seek To Steal Africa’s Youth – Dr. Mumbi Seraki/The Advise Show

Video from TheAdviseShowTV/YouTube


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