WATCH: The Marcus Garvey Revolution – The Dr. Mumbi Show/The Advise Show

Shalom, everyone! The following is the collaborative video between Dr. Mumbi Seraki and The Advise Show on the importance of building bridges between the African Diaspora and continental Africans. Whether we are in the Diaspora or on the Continent, we Africans are hated all over the world, and there is an agenda afoot to exterminate us. Africa is the dumping ground for toxic materials from North AmericaEurope, and Asia. We are still being sold into slavery in some Arab countries. And the African continent is once again falling prey to colonization from a global superpower, this time China. We in the Diaspora are not safe either. Most of us are the descendants of slaves, still subject to the racial hatred and violence that our ancestors faced. We must think and act as pan-Africanists if we are to survive.

Dr. Mumbi also discusses the efforts of two incredible men of power, our late African leaders, Jamaican Marcus Garvey and Kenyan Tom Mboya to set the African community on the road to self-reliance and self-determination.

Dr. Mumbi Seraki joins us to share her thoughts on Marcus Garvey, Nigerian captives in Libya and China’s attempt to colonize Africa.

The Marcus Garvey Revolution – Dr. Mumbi Seraki/The Advise Show

Video from TheAdviseShowTV/YouTube


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