WATCH: The Covert Plan To Keep African Americans & Africans Apart – The Dr. Mumbi Show/The Advise Show

Shalom, everyone! The following is the collaborative video between Dr. Mumbi Seraki and The Advise Show on the covert operation to keep African-Americans and Africans apart. The West, with its policy of global white supremacy, is afraid of Continental Africans and the African Diaspora coming together. We would be a powerful political, economic and military entity to be reckoned with. The truth is, if we reunite, we would have no more need of the West. They fear this so they use media and foreign policy to maintain our division. They slander the African continent while they rob its resources, and they feed Continental Africans and African Diaspora with damaging lies about each other. They have assassinated any of our leaders who tried to help us and encourage collaboration between Continental Africans and the African Diaspora. We have been programmed by white supremacy to believe that we cannot stand on our own and that we need white people to save us. The truth is we do not need them. The West actually needs us to survive because they have already used up most of their own natural resources.

Dr. Seraki discusses the following covert operations used by the West to keep the Africans and the African Diaspora divided:

  1. Mainstream media (MSM) pushes the “Dark Continent” narrative.
  2. The problem of “White Savior” complex in Africa.
  3. The West treats Africa like its child.
  4. National Security Council memo 46 (1978).
  5. Keep Africans ignorant of African-Americans.
  6. Keep African-Americans ignorant about Africa.
  7. Keep African and African-American leaders separate.
  8. Maintain the status quo in Africa.

There is power in global African unity. The global African community can stand on our own if we unite. United we stand, divided we continue to fail.

Dr. Mumbi Seraki joins us to reveal how it’s US foreign policy to keep African Americans from uniting with Africans.

The Covert Plan To Keep African Americans & Africans Apart – Dr. Mumbi Seraki/The Advise Show

Video from TheAdviseShowTV/YouTube


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