WATCH: Truth – Blacks are the Israelites – Hebrew Nation Building/Rebirth of a Nation – Jul 2 2018

Shalom, everyone! The following is a video compilation by Hebrew Nation Building/Re-Birth of a Nation of various Jewish/Israeli rabbis and other individuals acknowledging that the original Israelites/Jews were indeed black people. Also included in this compilation is the testimony of an Afro-Palestinian elder revealing that his ancestors have lived in the Land of Israel for thousands of years. The elder also reveals that many of his ancestors were exiled from the Land into Africa, and from there they were taken to the Americas as slaves. There is also a clip from the recent reboot of miniseries “Roots,” giving us glimpse into how Christianity was used to alienate our people for our Torah heritage – the British colonial masters came up with a “bible” for use in the colonies which omitted most of the Tanakh, but placed greater emphasis on the gospels and the writings of Paul of Tarsus:

Truth -Blacks are the Israelites – Hebrew Nation Building

Video from Hebrew Nation Building/YouTube


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