WATCH: The Power Behind Colonial Empires #Africa101 – The Dr. Mumbi Show

Shalom, everyone! The following is a video clip from “The Dr. Mumbi Show,” in which Dr. Mumbi Seraki discusses why the five stages of colonialism:

  1. Peace and Love
  2. First Encounter
  3. Colonial Oppression
  4. Internalized Colonization
  5. Decolonization

European nations first came to Africa as missionaries, then as traders, then as an oppressive, brutal, murderous occupying force to take Africa away from Africans by any means necessary, including the stripping the local population of their identity, the replacement of the local culture and traditions with those of the oppressor, and genocide. We must reject the culture and traditions of our oppressors if we are to be truly free. Our freedom and our identity lie in reconnecting with YAH The Most High. He is Our Healer and Our Deliverer.

First they came as missionaries, then as traders and friends and before we knew it, they had transformed into an occupying force that exploited our land and mistreated our people. History talks of 5 basic stages of the colonialism but it would never have worked if it was not rooted in freemasonry and other occult powers and practices. Could this explain why the first building to be built in most colonies were the Freemason Lodges ? In this episode of Africa 101 we refresh our collective memory on how colonialism can and took over our continent.

The Power Behind Colonial Empires #Africa101 – The Dr. Mumbi Show

Video from Dr. Mumbi Show/YouTube


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