WATCH: Why Colonial Rule Never Ended? #Africa101 – The Dr. Mumbi Show

Shalom, everyone! The following is a video clip from “The Dr. Mumbi Show,” in which Dr. Mumbi Seraki discusses why colonial rule has never ended in Africa. There are three forms of colonial power: Hard power, soft power, and smart power. Hard power is colonial power in the form of military and economic power; this is currently being imposed on Africa by the United Kingdom and other European nations. Soft power is cultural power; this is currently the domain of the United States which has media to spread pop culture all over the world, to the point where other countries have adopted have pop culture as their own, whether wholly or partially. Smart power is adaptive and economic power as exhibited by China in Africa, which funds many projects in Africa for influence, access to information, and valuable natural resources, but does not actively interfere with the day-to-day affairs of African governments. For the global African nation to be free, we must dismantle all these forms of colonial power in the African continent, and sustain ourselves militarily, economically and culturally. Our freedom lies in reconnecting with The Most High. He is Our Deliverer.

In this month’s #Africa101 we look at why & how colonial power perpetuates itself even though it physically “ended” over 50 years ago. This is primarily because of the different power dynamics that have been used to control Africans mentally, culturally and spiritually. If colonial power was just a “physical occupation”, Africa would be among the leading lights and super powers of the world today.

Why Colonial Rule Never Ended? #Africa101 – The Dr. Mumbi Show

Video from Dr. Mumbi Show/YouTube


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