WATCH: Africa 101_E1: The Curse of Blackness!! – The Dr. Mumbi Show

Shalom, everyone! The following is a video clip from “The Dr. Mumbi Show,” in which Dr. Mumbi Seraki discusses why Africans worldwide seem to be perpetually poor and in difficulty. This is part of an evil, sinister design to strip us and our homeland of valuable resources and perpetually provide these resources to a small Western elite at an abysmally low price. Dr. Mumbi compares the Race Pyramid to the Maslow Needs Pyramid, demonstrating our current wretched state. This Western system is rigged against us, keeping us perpetually in survival mode so that we cannot reach our full potential: We cannot compete in this Western system. The global African nation must unite and create our own system if we wish to be free to plan our own destiny. We must return to the ways of The Most High and those of our ancient ancestors, and create a system based on righteousness, justice, fairness, and truth.

The system has been rigged to keep African people Across the world poor and trapped as the slaves and laborers of the world. It doesn’t matter where the African is, he is engineered to remain at the bottom of the race pyramid because of the White supremacist global culture that was designed to keep him at the bottom. Unless we come up with our own global world view then we will be doomed to poverty and despondency all our live. This won’t happen without a fight. But are we as black people sick and tired enough of our engineered poverty to unite and overthrow the white supremacist order?

Africa 101_E1: The Curse of Blackness!! – The Dr. Mumbi Show

Video from Dr. Mumbi Show/YouTube


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