WATCH: Cooking Poison! Is Modern Cookware Fatal To ” OUR FOOD?” – KhamithiHiburuEthics lmd

Shalom, everyone! The following is a video presentation by priest, teacher and scholar LM Dumizulu of Khamithi Hiburu Ethics on the harmful effects of the metals and other substances used in modern cookware and utensils. These substances are often poisonous. Cooking our foods in these modern pots and pans causes these substances to seep into our foods, and ultimately cause us diseases, including cancer, Alzheimer‘s, diabetes and other debilitating ailments. Our ancient African ancestors made the safest cookware for food made from organic African clay. Our ancestors observed how well the living organisms thrived in this clay before taking this clay to make earthen cookware. This clay was free of contaminants, therefore, was fit for human use, and the resultant earthen cookware was extremely durable, lasting many years.

Cooking Poison! Is Modern Cookware Fatal To ” OUR FOOD?”

Video from KhamithiHiburuEthics lmd/YouTube

“Cooking Poison! Is Modern Cookware Fatal To ” OUR FOOD?”
Now We Can Ask, “What Is Modern Cookware Doing To OUR FOOD?”
It’s Not shrewd, smart, intelligent or wise if You eat Healthy Food but Prepare it Potentially Hazardous utensils or environment. Or you are totally ignorant of how and where it has been, boiled, cooked, fried! as billions do in claiming these psychological terms on self

Perhaps you have heard that aluminium cookware maybe a top factor in , cancer, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson, liver damage, osteoporosis, fast ageing, moods and other woes!
The hard question then is with unquestionable evidence that non-stick pots or pans are carcinogenic; can cause cancer Why would manufactures continue to market these utensils if there is a whiff they are unsafe?
Why are governments WHO not stepping in and clear the air?
Which utensils are safe?
What about our ancient ancestors what did they use?
Let us discover Some serious truths about potential Death lurking in mint manufactured into ALL our modern pots, pans, spoons, cups and forks!Who manufactures Teflon which is unhealthy…
Copper cookware.
let us find the best cookware discovered in ancient Afrika…”


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