WATCH: Amazing Facts About Ghana – Facts Africa e2 – 2nacheki

Shalom, everyone! The following is a video by 2nachecki/YouTube presenting some amazing facts about the West African nation of Ghana:

  1. Ghana is located in West Africa. The word “Ghana” means “warrior king” in the Soninke language.
  2. Ghanaian culture places a lot of emphasis in hospitality, respect and good manners.
  3.  The official language of Ghana is English. The Akan language is the second most widely spoken.
  4. Ghana was the first West African nation to gain its independence from Great Britain, doing so in 1957.
  5. Ghana has one of the world’s largest open-air markets in the city of Kumasi.
  6. Oil was discovered off Ghana’s Gold Coast in 2006.
  7. Ghana’s top exports are cocoa, gold and oil.
  8. Ghana ranked 11th in the world for gold production.
  9. Ghana’s major religions are Christianity, indigenous religions and Islam.
  10. Ghana has dangerous snakes, including cobras, puff adders and pythons.

Episode 2: Amazing Facts About Ghana Ghana, a nation on West Africa is known for diverse wildlife, old forts and secluded beaches, such as at Busua. Coastal towns Elmina and Cape Coast contain posubans , colonial buildings and castles-turned-museums that serve as testimonials to the slave trade. The country is also known as the Gold Coast.

Amazing Facts About Ghana – Facts Africa e2 – 2nacheki

Video from 2nacheki/YouTube


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