Announcements: – Dedicated to the Restoration of the Pre-Exilic Torah Culture of the Ehveh People

Satellite image of the land of Africa. Image credit: Wikipedia.

Shalom, everyone! Over the past few weeks TwelveTotems .org has been on a mini-hiatus as we learn more about the Ehveh (Êuê/Erverh) culture, the original practices of the Hebrew people prior to the Babylonian Exile, that is, prior to the destruction of the first Holy Temple in Jerusalem. The Ehveh people have never been the same since the Babylonian Exile, and much of the culture changed under foreign influence, adopting practices that were never ordained by The Creator in the Torah given to Moshe at Mount Sinai. As a result of what we have learned, we have decided to dedicate this blog to the learning and restoration of the pre-Exilic Torah customs of the Ehveh people. Most of these practices continue today among the peoples of Africa, the land into which the Ehvehs fled for refuge from the invading Assyrian, Babylonian and much later, the Roman forces. In keeping with this mission, much of our current content will need to be revised. These changes will be evident in the coming weeks. We are humbled, yet excited, about this new and much-needed direction.

May The Creator of the Universe watch over us and guide us as we seek truth, knowledge, and wisdom, and help us to impart this valuable information properly to our people, the Ehveh people worldwide. We thank our readers for your continued support. Please stay tuned.


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