WATCH: Shem in the Land of Africa: Part 2B – “Noah and His Sons” (2017) – Akwetey Amaah

Shalom, everyone! The following is Part 2B – “Noah and His Sons,” from the lecture series “Shem in the Land of Africa,” by renown educator Rabbi Akwetey Amaah. In this installment, Rabbi Akwetey discusses Noah‘s spiritual achievements as outlined in the Torah: He was righteous, pure, he walked with God and was perfect in his generations. The Scriptures suggest that Noah being “perfect in his generation” was relative to the generation in which he lived – the wicked generation of the Great Flood. Had Noah lived in another generation with more righteous people, perhaps he would not be considered “perfect.” His praise seems to have been reduced.

Rabbi Akwetey also discusses the difference between “walking with God” and “walking before God.” The story of Enoch who “walked with God” and Avraham who “walked with before God,” tells us The Creator prefers us to walk before Him as that is what He commanded Avraham to do. By carefully examining the Holy Scriptures, we begin to see Noah‘s weaknesses and flaws, even before the Great Flood:

History Of The Hebrews in Africa “Ga-Dangme – Êυê – Yoruba”

Shem in the Land of Africa: Part 2B – “Noah and His Sons” – Akwetey Amaah

Video from Akwetey Amaah/YouTube


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